Get to the next level with 1 on 1 Coaching

Our coaching shifts your mindsets and habits and transforms the way you lead and run your business. When transformation comes, results always follow. 


Get The Business and Leadership Insights You Need

Your potential as a leader is directly connected to your willingness to become the leader you're meant to be and shift your mindsets and habits. Learn how to listen and unlock the potential.

  • You are busy, and you want to grow your business.

  • You are a great entrepreneur, but maybe something is holding you back.

  • You don’t have clarity on where the business is headed.

Transform your business with SAGE mindset coaching

We will work with you 1 on 1 through our SAGE Mindset Coaching program. This is not a traditional "business coaching" program where we tell clients what to do and check in once a month. Instead, this is focused on helping business owners transform deeply in their leadership and how they see their role in the marketplace. 

  • You'll find a new fire for your business and the marketplace you serve.

  • You'll discover the true possibilities of your business and leadership.

  • You'll have a clear vision and own the mission of what your business really exists to do.


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Let's talk about how we can work together to create business stability and predictable growth so you don't have to always be working.


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Danielle Sanchez

Small Business owner / Accountant - 1 on 1 coaching

Kyle leads and guides with his intuition and insight. In a time when I really needed some guidance to learn how to step into my confidence as a strong business owner Kyle was there to support me. He allowed me to tap into myself to find my own answers. I am extremely grateful for his coaching.

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David Leberat

Small Business owner / Consultant - 1 on 1 coaching

Kyle is a perfect match for his profession. As a sales professional, I know what passion feels like and Kyle exemplifies it. He's dedicated to his clients and he truly has an open heart to help. I knew immediately during our first conversation, and I will gladly refer anyone who's looking for his type of services.

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Simon Fountain

Copywriter - 1 on 1 coaching

Before Kyle’s coaching, I had become a person who continually met the needs of others, but had difficulty speaking up for myself and doing what actually made me feel fulfilled. Through Kyle’s coaching, I gained more clarity and certainty in what I want my marriage and my career to look like. Our conversations helped me learn more about myself and discover what is truly important to me and how to get it. My life has become less complicated, more purposeful, and there’s more time for activities that bring me rest. I have more confidence in my ability to communicate, lead, and live effectively, both personally and professionally. Thanks, Kyle!


Tyson Morgan

Church Pastor - 1 on 1 coaching

Really enjoyed working with Kyle and got a lot out of his coaching. From personal goals to professional, he helped me grow in a lot of areas. Both personally and professionally, Kyle helped me become a better leader, get better organized, set goals and action items and coached me to see the big picture in all of it. Highly recommended.


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Coaching helps you focus on and bring about the future. Coaching is flexible and helps you see things from new perspectives. We will help you grow away from limitations of others or yourself and open you to possibilities. Coaching will help you innovate and adjust for more success.

Your mindset determines your level of success. If you have just one area that is stuck in a fixed mindset, we want to help you gain new perspective of this so you can grow. Your mindset sets the tone of your leadership and therefore what is possible for your team and business. Coaching with a focus on mindset isn’t about quick fixes but coaching you and helping you create small shifts in your behaviors and thinking that create massive change for your future, your team, and your business. 

Fundamentally, mindset coaching is about strategy. What is in the way of you achieving at the level you are meant to? Mindset coaching will help you see what is limiting your team from achieving at their highest potential. 

Your mindset about your ability to lead is the limiting factor of what’s possible in your leadership and business. We figure out where your strengths are and help you improve. Then we help you wisely manage your weaknesses. 

Confidence is a fickle thing but in our model, self-awareness is the foundation of great leadership. Much of our work is centered around self-awareness. The more in tune you are with yourself the easier it will be for you to understand where your low confidence is coming from and how to make adjustments. 

Coaching has been defined before as perspective. Often times, entrepreneurs simply need a new perspective to make the necessary shifts in themselves and their business to be profitable. The secret to a leaders success is their willingness to follow through on the goals they intend to achieve. Our SAGE model is designed to create uncommon accountability in your life and business. This alone makes most businesses more profitable. We also help you build habits and systems for your business and team that make success far more predictable and repeatable. 

We will work with you during every session to ensure you have followed through on your commitments and empowered those around you to achieve at high levels. Additionally, we have tools and resources available to help you stick with your commitments. We’ve found a simple goals dashboard that is updated daily is one of the most powerful tools for goal achievement. Each of our clients is required to use a goal dashboard to track their progress and goal achievement. 

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