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Using Purposeful Structure To Keep Yourself Accountable

The first “S” in PASS is Structures. The idea here is to “construct or arrange...
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Do you have a personal advisory board?

Do you remember movies with a lone cowboy? The cowboy takes on the world by...
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The Difference Between Deciding and Committing

There’s a story about three frogs sitting on a log looking at some beautiful lily...
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Real Accountability Requires Action

Yes, it requires action but not the actions you may be thinking.  I have a...
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Can accountability be passive?

SAGE Leaders have created a habit of telling stories, sharing their ideas, and selling them....
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Why You Need To Create An Advisory Board Now

When I wrote the LifeMap book, I frequently sought advice from my advisory board. They...
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A Sage Guide To Your Journey

I previously owned a Ford F-150. My oil pressure light came on in my vehicle...
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The Ultimate SOP Guide For Small Business Owners

Benefits of having Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Small business owners may believe that standard operating...
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Your $86,400 Bank Account

Imagine you have a bank account that deposits $86,400 each morning. The account carries over...
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5 Signs of Burnout You Should Know

Burnout is a workplace issue that affects many business owners and entrepreneurs. It's more than...
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