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3 Strategies to Improve Employee Development

Do you know how much it costs to train and retain your employees? In a...
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How A Balloon Helped Me Better Understand Communication

Talking is hard. Well, let me say it this way, communication is hard. With three...
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Learn A Language In One Hour

Your communication problem at home, in the workplace, with your mother-in-law, isn’t a communication problem,...
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Silence Isn't Deafening, Silence Is Defining

In writing people talk about reading between the lines. I think in talking "reading between...
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And What Else?

I recently finished reading a book called, "The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More &...
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From Simple Coaching Session To A Life Lesson On Listening

I have a coaching client that is new to his workplace and he wants to...
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How Do You Deal With Difficult Customers?

We've all dealt with difficult people and difficult customers. Here are 4 simple ways to...
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10 Things That Piss People Off At Work

Let's call this a rant post or a post for you to vent. Below I've...
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How To Dramatically Improve Business Communication

Research shows miscommunication costs small businesses $420,000 annually and more for larger businesses. Whether you...
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Employees Not Contributing Like They Should? Try This.

I recently met with a client and we had an interesting discussion about why she...
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