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What Are Your Core Values? 7 Steps To Define & Live By Your Values

After working with many coaching clients, I’ve discovered that when my clients take the time...
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Your 2019 Year In Review

I keep seeing posts and articles celebrating 2018. The articles remind people to take some...
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Make A Habit Of Tracking Your Habits

Maintaining great habits is hard. But it doesn't have to be that way. As Michael...
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Curiosity – The Secret Ingredient To Team Building

Almost everyone knows who LeBron James is. He's arguably the greatest basketball player in the...
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Which DISC Personalities Work The Best Together?

When it comes to DISC personalities, I would say it’s important to start first with...
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10-Minute Tuesdays

Several years ago, I worked for a men's mentoring program called Alpha Academy. During my...
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8 Ways You Can Massively Improve Productivity

You can start using these simple tricks, habits, and ideas to improve productivity starting today....
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What's Your Leadership Score?

This Leadership Scorecard Survey is designed to you thinking critically and honestly about your leadership....
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Silence Isn't Deafening, Silence Is Defining

In writing people talk about reading between the lines. I think in talking "reading between...
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And What Else?

I recently finished reading a book called, "The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More &...
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