Introducing The SAGE Mindset Course

A 10-week personal development program to help you answer 3 key questions. Where am I? Where do I want to go? How am I going to get there? 


The SAGE Mindset Course Goal

The SAGE Mindset Course is about answering three powerful questions that are deep within each of us. The problem is we all struggle to find the time, space, and energy in our lives and brains to ask and answer these questions.

Where Am I?

Critically look at your behaviors, habits, and life to determine where you are in the critical areas of life.

Where Do I Want To Go?

Using the power of knowing your values and vision set a destination that is on purpose and mission for you.

How Am I Going To Get There?

In this step, you establish the habits, accountability, and goals to take you on your journey to a SAGE Mindset and Life.

Get Clarity So You Can Finally Focus On What's Important

We walk around with cluttered and clouded minds that create so much hurry and worry we can't get to these questions. When we can't get to them, we aren't working toward the achievements we were put on this earth for. 
The SAGE Mindset Course helps you to break through the clouds and clutter so you can focus on the wildly important - YOU.

When you finally give your mind a rest from all the rush and worry that we walk around with, you can answer these questions at a deep and root level. You get to your values, you get to meaning, you get to significance. 

What Do You Get When You Enroll In The Course?

  • Weekly Zoom support calls to help guide you through the course.
  • Direct and PERSONALIZED coaching feedback throughout the course in video and comments.
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can go through it every 6-12 months.
  • Two industry-leading assessments to help you UNLOCK your personality and learn how to harness your strengths, talents, and gifts.
  • A 70+ page workbook to walk you through the course step by step.
  • Bonus implementation coaching session at the end of the course.
  • Over 30 powerful videos to guide you through the course.

PLUS: Bonus downloads, articles, and podcast episodes.

Schedule Some Time To Chat With Kyle About The Course

As you complete this course, your Mindset will shift. It will shift toward how you are wired. It will shift toward what is deeply held in your heart as most important. Your Mindset will be on what you value most and on how valuable and important you are.

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"When I started the SAGE Course I was struggling with my confidence and didn't know what was holding me back. After going through the course and discovering some eye-opening things about myself. I began to build new habits that gave me confidence to pursue a business venture I've wanted to for some time. I finally feel like have clear direction."

- Hilary Williamson

Our Course Guarantee

If you don’t receive powerful insights into how to confront your own limitations, dissatisfaction, and false beliefs within the first 30 days, we will refund all your money.

Meet Your Instructor & Coach

Kyle Gillette

On college breaks, I had the opportunity to travel the world. On a mission trip
to India with a friend, I was introduced to a live-in men’s mentoring program
called Alpha Academy. My passion for coaching and mentoring people
started to take shape and set the stage for shifting from coaching and training
the body to the mind.
After graduating from Cal Poly State University with a Bachelors of Science
degree in Kinesiology (my goal was to work with others as a personal trainer),
I moved into a full time position at Alpha Academy working with 18-25-year-
old young men who were stuck or lost in life and seeking direction and hope.
With the birth of our second child, my wife and I made the decision to
relocate to the Pacific Northwest.
As the Human Resources Director at Christ the King Church in Bellingham, I
was introduced to the DiSC assessment tool, using it to help screen job
candidates, conduct training workshops, and coach the staff on
communication and self-awareness.
It became apparent how profoundly the DISC tools could empower
communication and connection between people and within organizations.
These tools combined with my love of coaching others became the catalyst
for moving beyond faith-based mentoring and starting Gillette Solutions in
When not working with clients, I’m out hiking or as an avid racquetball player,
you can find me on the courts. During winter months, time is spent cross-
country skiing with my family.

Kyle has worked with over 400 clients to help them embrace their calling and passions in their lives, careers, and businesses.

The SAGE Mindset Program is at the heart of all the coaching he does and has been for the last 15 years. The creation of this program was birthed out of his desire to bring this valuable content and powerful mindset to you.

The SAGE Mindset Course is full of videos, articles, and audio that will have an immediate, positive impact on your mindset and help you get unstuck in your life. You will learn practical ways to create lasting change that specifically fits your personality making it easy for you to stick to the shifts you've made.

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Today You Can Begin The Journey Toward A SAGE Life.



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