Introducing The SAGE Mindset Course

A 10-week personal development program designed for people who are tired of the endless hurry and overwhelm of life and are ready to make the shift to a new mindset.


What Happens If We Continue To Live Like This?

Our lives are filled with hurry and instant everything which leaves us with no capacity to do the important things. Unfortunately for many of us, this creates a lack of personal, relational, physical, and spiritual development leaving us unsatisfied and vulnerable to not filling our calling and purpose. But there is a way to overcome this...

Learn The Power Of Your Personality

There’s a difference between work and busyness. Learn your true passions and talents and how to live and work through them. Discover how EMBRACING your personality is the key. 

Unlock Vision & Values In Your Life

Slow down and choose to live your life through your personal values and a clear vision for your life. Instead of creating more hurry in your life, ACCELERATE your growth. 

Build Accountability & Habits That Work

Have you said this before? I can’t do this because… Instead, intentionally create habits and accountability that eliminates waste, creates the encouragement you need to follow through, and will declutter life and mind. 

What Will You Learn In The SAGE Mindset Course?

  • Discover what makes you uniquely YOU so you can STOP missing opportunities and START living from your passions and talents.
  • Learn how to eliminate the clutter, overwhelm, and exhaustion using a simple weekly exercise and begin to live based on your values and ACCELERATE your GROWTH like never before.
  • Learn the simple habits and goal setting system for achieving what you want WITHOUT overwhelming yourself or creating new worries in your life.  Plus so much more.
  • If you’re tired of the busyness and HURRY in your life leaving you feeling stuck and unsatisfied.
  • If your CONFIDENCE has taken a nosedive and you don’t know how to recover.
  • If you're FRUSTRATED to the point of because you know this isn’t the way your life is supposed to be.
  • If you feel STUCK in the overwhelm of life and fear you can’t get out of it but don’t know what to do about it.

What Do You Get When You Enroll In The Course?

  • Weekly Zoom support calls to help guide you through the course (over $900 value).
  • Direct and PERSONALIZED coaching feedback throughout the course ($497 value).
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can go through it every 6-12 months ($397 value).
  • Two industry-leading assessments to help you UNLOCK your personality and how to best harness your strengths, talents, and gifts ($297 value).
  • A 70+ page workbook to walk you through the course step by step ($49 value).
  • Over 30 powerful videos to guide you through the course.

PLUS: Bonus downloads, articles, and podcast episodes.

Over $2100 In Value
Originally for $597 now for only $397!

Begin this powerful course today. Because of the PERSONAL feedback you will receive throughout the program, we only have a limited number of spots available. Don't miss your opportunity!

"When I started the SAGE Course I was struggling with my confidence and didn't know what was holding me back. After going through the course and discovering some eye-opening things about myself. I began to build new habits that gave me confidence to pursue a business venture I've wanted to for some time. I finally feel like have clear direction."

- Hilary Williamson

What You Can Expect When You Enroll

The EXACT step-by-step process to help you shift to a SAGE Mindset in your life. Each week you receive multiple videos, workbook lessons, and an assignment that your instructor reviews and provides PERSONAL FEEDBACK. 


Weekly Lessons That Cover The Following Topics

• Course introduction and determining your main goals.

• Behavioral assessments and your personal values.

• Growth and vision assignments to get clarity.

• Discovering how to use the power of accountability.

• Empowering those around you and your future.

PLUS: Weekly support calls to make sure you are on track and getting the most out of the course!

Our Course Guarantee

If you don’t receive powerful insights into how to confront your own limitations, dissatisfaction, and false beliefs within the first 30 days, we will refund all your money.

Meet Your Instructor & Coach

Kyle Gillette

Kyle is the owner of Gillette Solutions and creator of the SAGE Mindset System. He's been coaching business owners, solopreneurs, and millennial leaders for 15 years. He's a certified executive coach by the John Maxwell Team and certified COACH Model practitioner.

In addition to coaching certifications, he is a behavioral analyst with DISC and Motivators certifications.

Kyle has worked with over 400 clients to help them ruthlessly eliminate hurry and waste in their lives so they can embrace their calling and passions.

The SAGE Mindset Program is at the heart of all the coaching he does and has been for the last 15 years. The creation of this program was birthed out of his desire to bring this valuable content and powerful mindset to you.

In this 10-week course, we show you the EXACT method that is working to help people FINALLY live their life on their terms WITHOUT all the endless hurry and overwhelm that is exhausting your mind and body!

Originally $597 Now Only $397!

You Are At A Cross Roads In Your Life

Today, you can begin to break through the hurry, worry, and overwhelm WITHOUT all the fears and self-doubts. You can get out of the rut of BUSYNESS in your life and begin to live the life you were meant to live. Or you can continue to experience slow growth, indecision, and little change. It's your choice!


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