How Are You Building Your Leadership House?

| Nov 10, 2021

Many small business owners in the service industries, I’ve learned, are engaged in the same sandbox making the same errors and experiencing the same disappointments.

They’re all working to establish their own company, but it keeps getting blown down and smashed by the wind and waves of overwhelm, exhaustion, and the general turmoil of running a business.

Unfortunately, the sand that they are building with will never withstand the waves and wind. Instead, they need to build with the rocks and mindset of self-awareness, accountability, growth, and empowerment. But many things get in the way of being able to focus on this.

When I work with my clients, we focus on three primary things.

• Leadership Mindsets

• Leadership Habits

• Business Systems

We build on these three areas using the rocks of self-awareness, accountability, growth, and empowerment.

With these rocks as the pillars of your business strategy, one’s business and leadership can withstand the waves and wind of everyday small business ownership.

Priorities, Productivity, Burnout

I’ve found in my initial calls with clients they are struggling with not having their priorities in the order they want them and they are not productive as they want to be. These are habit problems. ☑

We then discover that the objectives they want to achieve and the broad-picture objective of what they’re doing in their service-based business aren’t clear enough for them. All of my clients desire to serve their clients, but the reason behind this service isn’t always made explicit and clarified. This is a mindset problem.

As we delve into the layers and difficulties, a lot of them are experiencing the busyness of business and a burnt-out feeling as a result of unclear mindsets and harmful habits that manifest themselves through undefined company processes. This is a business systems problem.

When you build a SAGE Leadership house, all of this changes. We stop trying to build sandcastles and build differently.

Think of your leadership like a house.

  • The Self-awareness mindset is the foundation of your leadership house.
  • The Accountability mindset represents the nails that hold your house together.
  • The Growth mindset represents the walls and the roof (sometimes we need to remodel).
  • The Empowerment mindset is represented by the windows and doors that allow people to be influenced by your leadership and peak in to join you on your mission.

Many leaders haven’t built a SAGE House and their house is in disrepair. I help them quit playing in the sand of distraction that will easily get trampled, blown down, or washed away.

But unless you’re a master builder, we all need guidance on how to build a quality leadership house.

Through this framework, my clients become more self-aware, build uncommon accountability, maintain a growth mindset, and empower them to do, be, and achieve more. ⚡️

This is my mission. To help my clients reset their mindsets and habits so they can become the leaders they are meant to be. This mission fuels me and it fuels my clients. Giving them results that are both tangible ($$$) and intangible.

It’s hard work but we have fun.

I want to invite you to have a conversation about your business and leadership and how we can build a better leadership house together.

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