3 No-Brainer Tips To Help You Instantly Boost Your Leadership Confidence

| Oct 7, 2021

Can you become more confident instantly? Yes. The definitive and straightforward answer is YES. If you practice these three tips consistently, the confidence will be lasting too. Before you read any further, think about what you do to boost your leadership confidence. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m really curious and want to learn from you too.

It’s strange to consider instantly building confidence, but it is feasible, and I’m going to show you three methods for doing so. After reading this article, you can start implementing them right away.

Why Leaders MUST Demonstrate Real Confidence

Let’s start with the reality that confidence is a crucial trait that every leader needs to have. Every leader needs to have confidence. Starting first with confidence in themselves. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then obviously, that will trickle down to everyone else.

The confidence that you have can either help or hurt your business. It can hurt the culture, and it can hurt people that you’re working with if it’s low confidence or overconfidence. When you display genuine confidence, people you’re leading are more likely to be successful in reaching their goals and achieving at a level they couldn’t have before. This is because they see something in you that inspires them and moves them forward.

If you’re not confident or if you are overconfident, it’s hard for people to follow. It’s obvious, but we forget how we present ourselves, what we say, and how. When done incorrectly, this can hinder people’s perspectives of your leadership and how we see ourselves. People feel less motivated if you don’t show confidence. It even impacts their willingness to take responsibility. When you take responsibility and show that level of leadership, they will see that you’re responsible, which will boost their confidence.


I want to give you just a few tips on quickly building your confidence, starting with the simplest of the three. Smile. Give your face a smile. It’s free, but it is worth billions. If you’re struggling with your confidence, smile. If you are having a bad day, smile. If someone said something to you that made you angry, smile. You can smile in the moment or later when you’re thinking about the situation.

When you’re wearing a mask, you can smile behind the mask, and nobody knows how funny it looks. You can walk around smiling and boosting your confidence. For a brief time, when I was in a grocery store, strolling about on the street, or wearing my mask in any other scenario, I would grin. You get your smile lines in your eyes, and others will see it in the rest of your face, but it is great for boosting confidence.

Monitor Your Communication

The second tip is to pay attention to the way you speak. Speak energetically. Speak in such a way that it sounds encouraging and upbeat. This change in intonation will bring up your confidence and that of those who are listening. Think about your team. How do they speak? Are they low and down? Grumpy? Mumbling?

If this is how your team speaks, whether you have a big team or small team, your confidence is impacting their confidence and speech. Unfortunately, this can build upon itself and create an atmosphere of low confidence. So, smile and adjust your tone of voice. Do this consistently and it will change your culture. I know you can’t make everybody happy. I know that not everyone will be confident because you smile or speak confidently, but it will impact some people, which is undoubtedly a positive thing.

Measure your words and the way you say them. Take the time today to listen to how you say what you say. Listen for your tone of voice and that of others. What are you noticing?

Think about your team now. What is the general confidence level? The next time you go into a meeting, walk into the meeting smiling and with a tone of voice that brings energy and excitement to the room. For some, this may feel uncomfortable and awkward. For others, this is simply a reminder. Either way, putting the effort in like this will boost confidence across the board.


The third thing you can do is to reflect. Reflect on where and when you’ve been the most confident. What was happening in your life and your business that created a high level of confidence? Then use the neuro-linguistic programming process of cycling that up. Imagine the experience as vividly as you can. Make it HD in your mind. Add energy and detail to every part of that experience as you imagine it again.

Maybe you recently closed a sale, and you did a great job. I closed two deals this week that went well. Now I’m taking the time to build them up inside my mind to reiterate the scene, energy, feelings, etc. The sales are boosting my confidence. It is also creating a place I can tap into when I need a confidence boost again.

When you cycle through that experience, close your eyes and take the time to get as detailed as you can. Cycling may be uncomfortable for you, but it can improve your mood and self-esteem. Later you can leverage these positive experiences as you step into similar experiences or different experiences.

In Summary

When taken together, these three tips will instantly boost confidence.

  1. Smile. Take the time to smile.
  2. Speak in a tone of voice that is encouraging and confident.
  3. Spin up in your imagination an experience that made you feel confident. Then use this experience as you step into new opportunities or challenging situations.

How do you boost your confidence?

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