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Interview Liz and Jason Medwid – Using The Power Of Comedy And Improv

Welcome to another episode! I have a fun interview for you today. Liz and Jason Medwid are my guests and they come to the show full of wisdom from their experiences hosting their own podcast as well as all the bumps and bruises along the way.

In this episode, Liz and Jason share some powerful insights about improv, leadership, and just plain having fun.

  • The importance of reimagining roles and how that can impact a team and leadership
  • Having mutually shared goals
  • Determining and maintaining a vision and purpose to stay focused on
  • The importance of discovering and training your own voice
  • Harnessing the power of outside the box thinking

Elizabeth has been podcasting for two years as the character “Miss Elizabeth.” She has an MA in English, experience as an educator in English Literature, as well as over a decade of experience as a business owner developing websites for businesses of different types and sizes.

Jason has been podcasting and creating original music from his home studio for over two years. He is a Computing Sciences graduate and works in IT as a business intelligence analyst.

Elizabeth and Jason are passionate about making the world better by sharing uplifting music and comedy fiction. They believe that communication through the arts can have a significant positive impact on each individual, including the creator and the audience.

They also believe that “culture leads politics,” meaning that culture and the arts are the best way to have an impact on individuals and society.







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