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Learn how the Blue Shirt Leadership Framework can help you become the leader you're meant to be with our helpful articles. 

2 Questions That Will Improve Your Customer Service Right Now

We’ve all had bad customer service experiences. Several weeks ago, I was standing in the front...
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A 6 Step Selection Funnel That Will Save You Thousands

Did you know a bad hire can cost small businesses up to $50,000? Many businesses...
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7 Steps To Making The Right Hiring Decisions

Do you remember your last hiring mistake? Hiring mistakes can be so frustrating. You do...
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How To Leverage The Angry People On Your Team

You have angry people on your team and they need to be set free. Let...
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22 Communication Secrets The Pros Use

In today’s world, being a great communicator will give you many advantages in business and...
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5 Leadership Lessons From Highly Successful Millennials

Millennials around the world are changing the way we walk our dogs, consume our news,...
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