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Learn how the SAGE Mindset Framework can help you become the leader you're meant to be with our helpful articles. 

Real Accountability Requires Action

Yes, it requires action but not the actions you may be thinking.  I have a...
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Can accountability be passive?

SAGE Leaders have created a habit of telling stories, sharing their ideas, and selling them....
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Still Overworked and Overwhelmed

I was an executive director at a senior living facility for a large multi-location senior...
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Why You Need To Create An Advisory Board Now

When I wrote the LifeMap book, I frequently sought advice from my advisory board. They...
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How Are You Building Your Leadership House?

Many small business owners in the service industries, I've learned, are engaged in the same...
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A Sage Guide To Your Journey

I previously owned a Ford F-150. My oil pressure light came on in my vehicle...
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