SAGE Leadership Assessment

The SAGE Leadership Assessment is designed to help you think deeply about your leadership style, effectiveness, limitations, and strengths. There are 24 behavior-based ranked questions for you to answer. The assessment takes between 5-7 minutes to complete.


Most Assessments & Give you Generic Information & Take Too Long.

The SAGE Leadership Assessment is different. You'll gain insight into your leadership style and behaviors that drive your performance positively or hinder performance. The assessment allows leaders to identify strengths and areas for growth so that they can be more effective in the workplace. This assessment is designed for entrepreneurs and leaders of small businesses. This powerful assessment can be completed in 7 minutes or less.

  • You are constantly looking for ways to improve
  • You are under pressure to produce results.
  • You want answers, but don’t want to waste your time
  • You want insights that are practical and specific to you

Learn How to Lead with Confidence

By taking the assessment today, we guarantee that you’ll have access to actionable insights that will help improve your effectiveness as a leader right now. You won’t find another tool like this anywhere else – because we designed it with our clients in mind first and foremost.

  • Get a custom report and personal video review of your results within 24 hours.
  • You can take it anytime and anywhere on any device with internet access..
  • Complete the assessment in 7 minutes or less.
  • Receive an email series to help you implement the SAGE Framework.

Take the SAGE Leadership Assessment Now

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Click below to take the SAGE Assessment and discover powerful behavioral insights about your leadership, a custom report to implement the SAGE Framework, and a custom video to walk you through your results.


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You can complete this assessment in 7 minutes or less. 

You will receive an email thank you for taking the assessment and giving you some brief feedback on what your score means. We then will follow up with a fully customized report with specific feedback and questions for you to review. Plus, you’ll receive a video walkthrough of what YOUR results mean and how YOU can apply it. Not a generic video, but one the assessment creator personally records for you.

You’ll receive instructions in your report, the email series, and the personal video. Each of these resources will help you shift toward becoming a better leader. 

Yes. If you have a team of 5 or more people who plan to take the assessment, please reach out to us first as each report is custom created to fit the assessment taker and we may need more than 24-hours to create the reports and videos. 

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