SAGE Leadership Assessment

The SAGE Leadership Assessment is designed to help you think deeply about your leadership style, effectiveness, limitations, and strengths. There are 24 behavior-based ranked questions for you to answer. The assessment takes between 5-7 minutes to complete.

Each question focuses on a unique leadership trait or skill. Evaluate yourself based on the frequency in which you display each trait from "rarely to almost always".

When you submit the assessment, you will immediately receive an email with your score, leadership level, and be entered into an email series that walks through the SAGE Framework so you can get greater results! If you select "yes" to video feedback, on the form, within 48 hours you will also receive a custom report and personalized short video explaining best practices and insights.

Before You Get Started

Take a few moments to reflect on your leadership and take an honest look at your skills, attitudes, and behaviors. Then get started!

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