The SAGE MINDSET APP a personal scoreboard for your Leadership growth

What you track grows and improves. When you know the score, the game changes. Do you have a scoreboard for your personal and professional development?

Boost your mindset and productivity

The SAGE Mindset App is designed for leaders who want to improve their mindset, achieve more in less time, and take control of their lives. With this app, you can set goals for any area of your life that matters most to you—from work & career growth, personal development & well-being, relationships & social connections, or even financial health!

  • You want to be a better leader.
  • You are constantly under pressure to achieve more in less time.
  • You are ambitious but don’t have the time or energy.
  • You want to empower others to be at their best.

Set goals and live your best life with the SAGE Mindset Habit Tracking App

This is where our app comes in. We provide an easy way to track your progress towards achieving your goals and building your habits while also providing guidance from experts along the way with a community of SAGE Leaders to help keep you inspired as well as accountable so that you reach your full potential. You choose exactly what areas are important to focus on based on the growth you desire to see in your personal and professional life.

  • Easily track your progress and see your achievements.
  • Stay motivated with a leaderboard
  • Improve your mental well-being
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Receive encouragement from like-minded professionals.
  • Gamified approach to development to help you stay engaged.

Download The SAGE Mindset App

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Download this mindset and habit app today and begin shifting what's possible in your personal and professional development.


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You start with a 14-day trial to experience the app and community, then the app costs $36 for the year or just $3 per month.

The SAGE Mindset App helps you track your progress toward four specific habits and mindsets that you choose. As you track your progress, you will also document and rate your progress based on a scale system. The process of rating and documenting your progress in the form of journal entries will help you more effectively implement habits and achieve your goals. 

The App is designed to give you three ways to score points, earn rewards, and get on the top of the leaderboards. You score points through the number of journal entries, consecutive days completing entries, and the number of words typed. 

Even if you’ve never journaled before, this app is for you. We teach you a simple way to get started to help you implement journaling into your life and business. The app has built-in reminders to help you stay focused on your habits and complete your journal entries. 

You can complete your journal entries in as little as 5 minutes a day. Some of our users will spend 15-30 minutes working reflecting on their habits. It’s up to you. 

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