A 6 Step Selection Funnel That Will Save You Thousands

| Mar 19, 2018

Did you know a bad hire can cost small businesses up to $50,000? Many businesses have selection processes that are missing some key steps. Some organizations don’t have the time or resources to create an effective Selection Funnel. Our selection funnel walks decision-makers through a simple process that enables them to save time, save money, and make informed decisions based on hard data.

Selecting employees using this step-by-step process brings reciprocal returns by greatly reducing turnover, selection time, and training and development. Step 1 begins with the applicant’s resume.

1. Qualifying Resumes

In this step, select the applicants that have the necessary KSA’s to meet the job requirements. These applicants advance to the Screening Assessment in Step 2.

2. Screening Assessment

For applicants that pass the first step, email them the Workplace Strengths assessment. This assessment is a great initial screening tool to get a broad idea of an applicant’s general rating and allow them to move to step 3 or not.

Workplace Strengths Assessment Answers The Following

  • How effective is the applicant at working with others?
  • How will the applicant perform under stress and pressure?
  • What is the applicant’s level of accountability for their actions?
  • How well does the applicant prioritize their work?

3. Telephone Screening

The field of potential candidates has now been narrowed further. Schedule short telephone interviews with each of the applicants who advanced from the step 2. This is a great opportunity to clarify any aspects of their resume or screening assessment results.

The telephone screen is a time saver. You can quickly gauge their communication skills, professionalism, and ability to follow directions. With the combination of a phone screening and the Workplace Strengths Assessment, you will be able to quickly determine who moves to step 4.

4. Selection Assessment

Having narrowed the pool to an even smaller number of applicants, you’re ready to email the remaining applicants the Executive Summary assessment.

This powerful assessment gives you answers about each applicant’s behavioral, motivational, and thinking styles. This information will provide you with reliable data that will help enhance your In-Person Interview (step 5).

The Executive Summary Assessment Measures

  • Leadership and Management
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Function

5. In-Person Interview

By this step, you will have a narrow field of candidates. This will save you time on scheduling and hosting interviews. With the information gathered from the resume, phone interview, and assessments, you are empowered to enter each interview with a set of questions tailored to the applicant.

After the in-person interviews are complete, you are well prepared to make a good hiring decision in step 6.

6. Selection Decision

At this point, you have only a handful (or less) of applicants. You can confidently make your hiring decision and invest your valuable time and resources in the new hire.

As a result of the selection funnel, you will know exactly who and what you will be getting. That makes your decision easy and a success.


Please review our Selection Funnel infographic to give you a visual of the process.

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