Want A Sales Boost This Spring?

| Mar 12, 2019

Do you want to specifically target your sales conversations and presentations to the needs and wants of your prospects, build amazing rapport, and close sales more frequently and at higher rates?

Who doesn’t?

Cold-calling, door knocking, and networking are challenges every salesperson has faced. Some with greater success than others. If you could guarantee an improvement in your sales for FREE would you be interested? Of course, you would!

***Introducing the DISC Sales Course***

When you’re finished with the DISC Sales Course, you will…

  • Learn the 5 Phase DISC Selling model
  • Get an instant boost in your closing rate
  • Improve your relationships with your customers and your prospects
  • Shorten the time from interaction to sale
  • Be able to apply each of the lessons immediately 
  • Use power tips for each style of prospect you work with

All of this without gimmicks or sales-y language. In fact, you’ll learn how to connect with your prospects and customers in the way they want to connect speaking their DISC language.

This will change how you do sales forever.

When you join this email course, you learn how to help people make a buying decision they WANT to make using simple methods that you won’t forget and can always use.

I’m not a traditional salesman. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life mentoring and coaching people. One of the hardest things to get buy-in from people is changing their lives. As a result, I’ve discovered this simple 5 part selling process that works. 

When you use the 5 Phase DISC Sales, you are no longer selling but building a relationship and challenging your customers and prospects to buy something they will benefit from. 

When you sell a product or service to someone, you are trying to satisfy their needs and wants, while alleviating their fears. When you do it well, you create powerful and meaningful connections that build lasting relationships with your customers and lots and lots of sales for you!!

After you learn the DISC approach to sales your job will be more fun, the buying process will be easier for your customer, and your bottom-line will benefit.

It’s simple. It’s powerful. Start learning how to use it now. Sign up below and get the first email from the course in your inbox today.

Sign up for the DISC Sales Course today

PS – When you sign up, you’ll get a bonus free DISC Sales assessment. Look for the link in your email.

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