4 Things you Should Consider if you’re on the Fence about Hiring a Coach

It is a common misconception that coaches are always sports-related. Today, they can coach any number of things: business deals, relationship advice, and much more! In fact, according to statistics by the International Coach Federation, there were over 20 million executive coaching clients in 2016 alone with an average cost of $1,000 per session. And these numbers show no sign of waning as people realize how effective this service really is!

Should You Look For A Coach

Do you want to grow your business? If so, maybe it’s time for a change. A coach can help an entrepreneur or small-business owner with all aspects of their career and provide guidance in the form of advice and expertise on how best to develop skills such as interpersonal communication, strategy formulation, conflict management, etc. These coaching sessions are typically done by phone or Zoom meetings (or even face-to-face), which means that they’re flexible and easily accessible from anywhere!

A business coach can be a valuable resource for someone who is just starting their own company or already has one in operation. It’s important to find the right person and not everyone will work well with every type of entrepreneur, so it might take some trial-and-error before finding that perfect match.

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, a coach might be able to help. A good one can give you the tools and guidance needed to change or create new habits that will lead toward success for both yourself and your company.

Coaching forces business professionals to take stock of their situation objectively so you can know what kind of changes need to be made if any at all. It’s not easy admitting when something isn’t working but doing so could save time, money, anxiety–you name it! If you consistently have business and people challenges thrown your way with someone guiding you through them first hand then maybe things would go better than they do now…

What Should I Look For In A Business Coach

What should you look for in a good business coach? After all, they are helping you make big decisions about your present and your future.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: They should be trustworthy, great listeners, and great at asking questions. All without any agenda of their own.
  • They should have experience and knowledge of running their own successful business and team.
  • They know what kind of leadership qualities are needed for growth-oriented companies such as adaptability and innovation among others.
  • Have an ability to recognize opportunities in your business, your development, and your team.
  • Another important quality shared between great coaches is patience—businesses don’t change overnight so building trust takes time but eventually will pay off immensely if done right!

A Great Coach Is Trustworthy

How can you tell if a coach is trustworthy? This question has been asked many times and there are a few things to consider.

The first thing that comes up in most people’s minds when thinking about what makes somebody seem trustworthy, is does this person have good character traits such as honesty or sincerity. You can discover this by observing how often these individuals speak truthfully without hesitation-not just sometimes.

Great coaches are not afraid to share their thoughts on what they are hearing from their clients without being attached to being right. This is how great coaches are able to bring up ideas, give rough feedback, and encourage their clients without hesitation. 

Ask their past clients, look at reviews, or read and listen to their content to learn about these things. The most ideal way is through an introductory call.

A Great Coach Is Trained In Listening Well

In simple terms, a coach who is a great listener will follow these three key attributes, they will…

  • Listen with an open mind and avoid making assumptions. They will consistently look to clarify, find deeper meaning, and encourage further exploration.
  • After asking questions, they will give their clients time to speak their thoughts. They will be very practiced at being comfortable sitting in silence waiting for the client to think and respond.
  • Give verbal and non-verbal feedback in between responses like “I see what you are saying.”, summarize, asking for further feedback. Non-verbal cues such as nodding, eye contact, body language mirroring are also good indications of a coach that listens well.

Although this is a short list, when a coach is missing any of these attributes, they are not an option worth considering.

A Great Coach Is Skilled At Asking Questions

How does a coach get better at their job? They get better at asking questions that provoke deep insight, meaning, and new awareness in their client. The number one way a coach improves in this skill is with practice.

A coach that reviews their sessions, attends courses, and gets coached themselves will have a much higher question-asking skill level than other coaches that mostly tell people what to do or coach based on “intuition”.

A few question asking skills your coach should have include:

  • They ask open ended questions. Their questions should provoke responses that require more than a yes or a no (most of the time).
  • They should ask questions that focus on awareness, insight, and meaning. Rarely will they ask a question that focuses only on information.
  • A coach you want to work with will ask questions from odd angles and out of the box perspectives. These questions get you insights you would never have otherwise – new perspectives.
  • A well trained coach will ask questions that solve a problem that you don’t even have yet. In other words, they will provoke thinking that provides preemptive answers to future problems.
  • Finally, they will ask questions that lead you to take action AND they will keep you accountable if you slip up and don’t act.

A Great Coach Will Genuinely Believe In You and Your Potential

Some people believe that if someone is given the chance, they can do almost anything. Your coaches should believe this about you. A great coach will you make it possible!

Great coaches are always assuming there’s potential in others and give them a chance to shine. Their investment into their clients has led to clients achieving great success that may have otherwise not been possible without their help.

As said before, the best way to find out if a coach is the right fit for you is to get on a introductory call with them and experience their coaching yourself. That is exactly how I start working with ALL of my clients. Let’s talk!

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